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Kay A. Edwards reviewed 3 Alliance Tattoo Studio — 5 star

May 21 ·

My experience at 3 Alliance Tattoo Studio with Charlie could be summed up as impeccable. After setting up an appt over the phone, I went in for my initial consultation. Charlie and I collaborated on my chest piece. With his artistic abilities my vision came out perfectly. His use of technology, knowledge, professionalism and honesty were notable. The process was very comfortable; the studio is clean and the staff interacts much like a family. I ABSOLUTELY have, and would, recommend them to anyone looking for a quality, professional tattoo studio!


Hannah Hochman reviewed 3 Alliance Tattoo Studio — 5 star

April 3 ·

Marcus is the only tattoo artist I will ever let tattoo me again! Yes you have to book far in advance, because he's amazing so obviously he's busy, but it's worth the wait for something that is on your body forever. He does the most realistic tattoos I've ever seen! Hes just the best ever. I think everyone who wants a realistic tattoo should go to Marcus!


Emily Jordan reviewed 3 Alliance Tattoo Studio — 5 star

May 10 ·

I've got to tell you...I LOVE this place! Not only is the decor fun and well done, the artists there are not like any other tattoo artists you've met. My Tattoo Artist is Mike and he is always chill and keeps conversation fun and easy AND he is outrageously talented! I have met a few other of the artists and they are all equally as welcoming and also super talented. I couldn't be happier with 3Alliance!


3 Alliance is a premier tattoo studio that specializes in many different styles. Those styles would be traditional, portraits, neo-traditional, black and gray, color, bio-mechanical, realism, new school and Japanese tattooing. Each artist has their own distinct style and will work carefully and closely to ensure you get the tattoo that you want. Click on their photo to view their portfolio!


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